What We Believe

  • ONE GOD, THE CREATOR – There has been and will always be only ONE true, eternal God, Creator of and Lord over EVERYTHING. He has designed and created everything there ever has been.
  • HE IS TRIUNE – He has revealed Himself as One God united in three distinct, co-equal persons for all eternity: God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Spirit. Each person within the Godhead works together for our salvation.
  • HE IS PERFECT, RIGHTEOUS, AND HOLY – God alone caused all things to be in the first place, and they were good. God always does things right and has never made a mistake. It is impossible for Him to sin and do wrong.
  • US – God designed and created male (Adam) and female (Eve) in His image with limited free-will. You are created with infinite worth and meaning.
  • SIN – When Adam and Eve used their free-will and chose to go against God’s Will, they and all of Creation became corrupted and distorted by and with sin. We are now born in and with sin which distorts God’s image in us and distorts our desires and thinking. Sin is a rebellion against the Holy and Righteous God. We want to do things our way – to call our own shots. We naturally don’t want to be accountable to God. We naturally want a God made in our image, one that agrees with our views. We choose to sin. We choose to reject God. Without God’s help, we are doomed, condemned to a terrible eternity without Him.
  • HE IS LOVE AND ENGAGED WITH HIS CREATION – God didn’t want to exist in eternity without YOU, that is why you are here. Throughout history, He has consistently shown His desire to dwell with His created people and has revealed that He wants us to be personally with Him for all eternity. So He wants to adopt his created people as sons and daughters and make them heirs to the Kingdom of God. God Himself loves you so much He Himself was willing to give up His glory, put on flesh and come to earth in order to feel pain, be tempted, to bleed, and to die for you.
  • JESUS – He is the Second Person of the Triune God. Remember other religions focus on what we do, we focus on what God All the sacrifices and the Temple of the Old Testament pointed to Him – the Messiah who would come and bring the Kingdom of God. Now we look back to the Messiah who came and brought the Kingdom of God! He humbled Himself and condescended from eternity and into time so He could stand with and in the place of sinners – everyone who has ever lived. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus took on flesh into His divinity (“incarnation”) within the womb of the virgin Mary. He then became True God and True Man forever. He was born from her and remained sinless His whole life in order to follow the Father’s will, to become a blameless, perfect sacrifice for all sin – yours and mine. Although perfect and blameless, He was tempted, suffered, bled and was crucified. He died and was buried. On the third day He rose bodily from the dead and ascended into Heaven. Now, Jesus, in his Divinity and Humanity – the God-man – is in the seat of Authority and Power as our sole mediator and intercessor at the “right hand” of God the Father.