We’re Always Excited to Welcome New Visitors


Got belief? Everyone believes in something. Even saying “I don’t believe in anything” is a statement of belief. There IS truth that you can believe in – truth that you can trust and wrap your heart and mind around!

Know this – People say they are “looking for truth.” We believe TRUTH HAS FOUND YOU! Truth is not a concept, but a PERSON – GOD. YOU are loved perfectly, even with all your imperfections and mistakes, by THE perfect God. God is real and He desires to meet you where you are at, right now, on this side of eternity, with the only sure hope and true, lasting peace that exists – which is only in Him. He wants you to know Him and what He has done for YOU personally.

Done wrong? Been wronged? Nothing you have done or that has happened to you has caught Him off guard. He wants you to be full of peace, hope and joy in spite of all that has happened in your life, and He promises to supply all this and more. Even in the midst of the storms of your life, He offers to be there with and for you. He is the only One that can come through with eternal promises that are for here and now and for the here-after.

OK? Now what?  He does not want you just to know about Him. Lots of people know a lot of things about Him. He wants you to know Him and what He has done for you. He wants the last word in your life ... FORGIVEN.

Aren’t there other ways to God? Why believe in Jesus? All religions are not the same. On the surface, there may be similarities, but under the surface other religions differ greatly from Christianity. All the other religions of the world center what you do. Our belief centers around what God alone has done FOR US – things that we alone cannot do. And we believe this truth – there is no eternal salvation apart from Jesus. Jesus Himself stated that He is the only, exclusive way, the truth, and the life. Either He is, or He isn’t. Either He is who He said He is, or he is not. Either this is the truth or it isn’t.

This sounds harsh. Yes, to the world, those words can seem pretty harsh, but truth itself is exclusive. Think about it – something is true, or it is not true. And truth is there, whether we know it or not, and whether we believe it or not. All religions do claim exclusive truths, but many “truths” in each one contradict other “truths” in other religions. Logically, every religion cannot be true. God Himself, in flesh – Jesus – made an exclusive statement that He IS Truth! Again, Truth is a person and He wants you to know true, correct doctrine about Him and what He has done.

How do I become a member?

Begin with being involved

  • Worship
  • Bible Study
  • Small Groups

Be Baptized-We believe in our Lord’s command to baptize “all nations”. Therefore, we extend to all- infants, children, youth, and adults who have not been baptized- the Sacrament of Baptism.  Please consult Pastor regarding this gift.

Be Confirmed- We graciously invite those adults who are looking for a church home to participate in our pastor’s information class.

Reaffirm Your Faith– If you were confirmed in the Lutheran Church, but have not been active in a LCMS congregation, speak to Pastor regarding your desire to reaffirm your faith.

Seek a Letter of Transfer– We gladly accept the transfer of your membership if you are a confirmed member of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  If you have another denominational background, we kindly request you speak to Pastor about our membership procedure.