Message from Pastor Rennie – March 29, 2020

Message from Pastor Rennie – March 29, 2020

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

God is still on the throne and all of our tomorrows are in His hands! Fear does not need to overtake us, for worry is to satan what worship is to our God! “…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7 ESV) We trust and serve the same Jesus who controlled the wind and the waves that scared His disciples on a boat trip, and He has not left us and will not forsake us.

Wisdom and caution along with love for God and others is necessary to get through this trying time. We need to be wise, compassionate and conscientious as citizens in this temporary world, and permanent citizens of Heaven. Therefore, we follow the prudent orders of our government and the advice leaders in the medical fields directing the assault on the front line against this virus. And as we follow the command to pray, we continue to lift up all those who are ill, and those ministering to the ill. (After a month of bronchitis, my voice and energy has been shot, but I am just now getting more energy, my lungs are clearer, and the voice is coming back!)

I asked the elders to split up our directory and call everyone over the last week (and that I would be calling eveyone personally over the coming days as my voice allows). They let all of our awesome congregation know a few important things, such as:
– Church services and activities are cancelled until further notice (no Palm Sunday Service here).
– Weekly messages, services, and sermons will be posted on Website and linked to Face Book. (Sunday, March 29, 2020 is posted!)
– We will continue sending our an E-Blast with information.
– Methods of giving
– Keep us posted if you need anything (shopping, etc.).
– We are consistently praying for you and we are here for you.

As always, the Leadership of Risen Christ will remain in contact with each one of our members through our Website, Facebook, Email, and phone calls as necessary.

As we all have circled the wagons, each of us quarantined in our homes, enjoy the time with family. As you turn on Netflix, read books, play games, purge stuff, and more, remember that all these things are temporary, but the Word of God is permanent. Take this awesome opportunity and dive into God’s Word… to know Him more in order to make Him more fully known to a world who desperately needs Him. If you need study guidance and material, feel free to contact me, anytime!!!

God is with you and for you. Continue to cling to Him and His promises.

Pastor Rennie

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